In April 2015 the shootings of the full-length feature film “Call of the Soul” (Kanch) began. After about a year-long shooting and installation works the film was presented to the public judgment. The film stars Ruben Karapetyan, Henry Shahbazyan, Hovak Galoyan, Levon Vardanyan and others. The film shootings have been carried out in Yerevan (a special studio has been allocated: a Turkish military academy of 1909) as well as in Bjni and bordering village Bagaran.

The film making crew has also turned to turkologists Ruben Melkonyan and Artak Shakaryan to get some advice in order to take into account all the historical facts and to properly maintain them.

“Call of the Soul” is my first full-length film and it happened to deal with such a responsible theme: that of the Armenian Genocide. I had to decide whether I was ready to undertake such a responsible work. Turning this theme to a film we present ourselves to the world, thus we don’t have the right to make mistakes. The whole film crew has worked with great responsibility. For the first time I and my father have worked together on the same film: he is the film scriptwriter and I am the film director. In fact he has helped me a lot with his experience and advice. The film presents the Turks the way they lived with their lifestyle and prayers. We don’t aim to mock them after many years on rather to present the reality as it was,” Guzh Tadevosyan talked about his first full-length film.

In 1909 a Turkish military academy operated in Mush where Turk soldiers studied. They were trained to kill the Armenians and to continue the genocide launched by the sultan. Armenian children were also forcibly brought to the academy. The Turks converted them, instilled hatred towards their own people and taught them the most savage methods to kill the Armenians. The Turkish intellectuals and mullahs even tried to make an influence on the children’s psychology through their speeches preaching hatred towards the Armenians and urging the children to immediately kill an Armenians when they come across. The film is based on these historical facts. There are also historical figures, like Vardan and Mihran. They miraculously survive the massacres of Adana and Kesab and find themselves in the military academy. Vardan pretends to be dumb to avoid turkinization but Mihran is subjected to tortures and is converted.

As for the path the film “Call of the Soul” is going to pass Guzh Tadevosyannoted that it is going to be submitted to film festivals but it is not clear so far which festivals it will take part in. The previous 4 films of the young director have taken part in more than 50 international film festivals and have won more than 30 awards.

“After the premiere the film must be screened and distributed, otherwise why has it been shot? I have just returned from the International Children Film Festival held in Samara to which I submitted my film “And the Circus Arrived”. It won the Special Jury Award in the nomination of the best short film. More than 200 films of different countries were submitted to the film festival but only my film won the special award. Today we lack children’s films and that is the reason why our children have to watch foreign films in suspicious qualities that promote aggression and dangerous ways destroying our national value system. Other countries also need quality, kind children’s films. That is one of the reasons my film was approved and granted awards. The film “And the Circus Arrived” has already son its 13th award. The film has been shot with the support of the National Cinema Centre of Armenia. It is interesting that the Armenian films compete with the ones of the countries with powerful film production and rich budget and win awards,” Guzh Tadevosyan noted excited with his new award.

Naira Paytyan