Filmmaker, director Harutyun Khachatryan launched the shootings of the film series “Endless Escape. Eternal Return” still 25 years ago. The famous film director has followed the lives of his heroes all this time: “The film shootings have been hard taking a lot of time. During these years the mentality, feelings and lives of my heroes have undergone changes. We have also changed, and, of course, I have changed.”

Harutyun Khachatryantalked about his film during the meeting with the journalists before the Yerevan premiere of the film “Deadlock” that kicked off on 29 April. “Deadlock” is the second installation in the five-documentary film series entitled ““Endless Escape. Eternal Return” telling about the Armenians who have left their homeland.

The film’s main character is engineer Levon who left for the USA with his family in 1990s after having obtained a green card. Through the film the author has tried to show the life of the hero in the USA, his losses and achievements and the complicated relationships with his family members. “At first I was sure that this films would prevent many people from leaving their homeland. I blamed and cursed all those who were leaving Armenia. But later after completing half of the film shootings I realized that I had no right to blame them.”

As for the artistic features of the film the director noted the following: “I have just wanted to tell a story of people who will just be heard, believed and understood. This is not a work of art for me. It has been shot only for Armenians and Armenia.”

Notably the Asian premier of the film “Deadlock” was held during the Fajr International Film Festival of Iran on 24 April. And a little earlier on 19 April the film enjoyed world premiere screening within the framework of Vision du Réel International Film Festival held in Nyon, Switzerland.