33fa3220-4c82-4f24-911a-6cbc54ae795bAudiovisual, installation, virtual reality, electronic music, online and performance media and effect on all the senses at once: such shows are very common in European countries. Millions of people are well aware of such film-performances of famous British artist Simon Wilkinson known as Circa 69 in virtual world.

The special guest of the 14th British Film Festival is Simon Wilkinson whose virtual film-performance was shown in Armenia for the first time.

On 23 and 24 February Wilkinson presented his show at Tumo Center for Creative Technologies. The lovers of technical innovations and movies had registered in advance in order to watch his 15-minute film-performances. It has a special format and order. The show cannot be watched as a film by a full hall. Simon Wilkinson works with each individual.

3db56820-d107-472d-a358-38eeaa2f26fdThe works of the special guest of the 14th British Film Festival have been featured at Tate Modern Gallery and have been translated into several languages. Wilkinson is a guest lecturer in immersive media and transmedia storytelling at Netherlands Film Academy and various London Universities.

The film-performance is based on real events. The company Circa 69 was founded 10 years ago. And the film-performance “The Cube” has been created with joint efforts.

In 1959 8 college students, together with their lecturer, disappear in the desert. Everyone is looking for them desperately. Two weeks later 8 letters are found in a cube-like dark building located in a very strange place. It is found out the letters have been written by the members of the disappeared group. Simon Wilkinson himself has read the letters that have been kept in the museum for several decades already. After the appearance of the letters people have started to express different opinions and put forward different hypotheses. This strange and mystical story has become the topic of the film “The Cube”.

Wilkinson, who considers himself a transmedia artist, has worked with 8 young men in Australia and has created his own vision of that mystical story: “The Cube.”

“No one can differentiate between truth and fiction. Their lines are connected and disconnected. 63 percent of the audience of my film searches the real and the imaginary of this story on the internet. However this 15-minute film is just a door that can lead to another story. I am trying to show that film perception is a complete process that incorporates not only the participation of the eyes and the ears but also all the senses,” Wilkinson explained.

“The Cube” is the virtual version of the disappearance story of the college students and their lecturer. The viewers of this film-performance feel the impact of real and unreal story on their own skin.

Naira Paytyan