513ef057-8560-4067-93fd-176edb370586The shootings of the Armenian stage director Arshaluys Harutyunyan’s new action adventure film “The Fathers” began at the beginning of this year. The film consists of 12 parts. The film scriptwriter, the producer and the actors are Armenians.

During the interview conducted with the film director by “Kinoashkharh” he spoke about the film shootings in detail for the first time.

“The film is about human trafficking, the girls of a volleyball team are abducted and their fathers are trying to find their daughters in different parts of the world. Some of the girls are sold, the organs of some of them are sold for transplantation. These stories are bases on reality,” the director notes. The film is a dynamic story in interesting and condensed action genre.

“The topic is very actual, as the world has been in turmoil recently. TV series “The Fathers” is an interesting film full of enthusiasm,” the director states adding that this imaginary story is far away and at the same time very close to our reality.

The film shootings are being carried out in various countries: Russia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Belgium, Dubai, The Cyprus, Egypt, Armenia, Lebanon, Georgia and France.

The actors Grisha Aghakhanyan, Aramo, Yura Kostanyan, Babken Chobanyan, Rafael Yeranosyan, Eva Khachatryan and Armenian actor Ivan Oganesyan who lives in Riga are involved in the film. The film screenwriter and producer is Michael Poghosov.

Unlike many scripts this film does not outline primary characters. The film fallout is unexpected, full of riddles and assumed to be continuous, as it is the case in commercial projects. The film also deals with the eternal theme of revenge.

“The Fathers” is Arshaluys Harutyunyan’s fifth work. It is shot by the order of Russian Ren TV channel in cooperation with “Berg sound” film production company. According to the director a team spirit of mutual understanding and joint work has been developed with the Russian partners and it is an important and necessary condition for the creation of the film.

The film shootings initiated on 7 February are supposed to be over in May. Due to the preliminary agreement reached with one of the Armenian TV channels the Armenian audience will also have an opportunity to watch the film.

Being an important part of each film the music will play a significant role in this film as well. The sound of one of the Russian rock bands will correspond the content and the rhythm of the film.

Arshaluys Harutyunyan’s wife Lusine Yernjakyan, who is the director of the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre, greatly contributes to the film creation process. The couple can be seen in the theatre carrying out active professional discussions, arranging the works of this or that performance till late at night even during the weekends.

“I can’t do anything without her. She gives me advice, helps and directs me and takes part in shootings,” Arshaluys Harutyunyan states by confessing that though his works at the theatre has slightly suffered as a result of his activities in cinema a lot of projects are still to come.

It is very likely that the couple will create new films in the nearest future. Namely it refers to the film script written by Artistic Director of Yerevan State Chamber Theatre, Honored Art Worker of the RA Ara Yernjakyan. A new film entitled “Flood” is planned to be shot on the basis of the script.

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