10351447_738841256202924_5935896775868356771_nThe animated film “Lazy Huri”, based on the homonymous fairy tale of Hovhannes Tumnayan, will be screened in August. This film project was highly discussed by the people especially when the stage director Arthur Mikaelyan uploaded a part of the cartoon in the web site www indiegogo.com expecting public support. In the art part of this internet platform Lazy Huri” occupied the first place.

At about 500 people have responded by providing financial assistance to the project. Arthur considers the “Lazy Huri” a national project though the animated film has been supported by the foreigners as well, for example a Finnish animator has allocated 500 dollars. In general the film project will cost about 35.000 dollars, from 30 to 40 per sent out of which has been allocated by the National Cinema Centre of Armenia, the rest has been acquired by means of donations. As a result the multi-project initiated in 2011 will be ready soon. The film making crew is working day and night, sound works are not finished yet: in August the first version of the cartoon lasting 14 minutes will be presented to the public. The animated film will also have a longer version lasting 17 minutes. An agreement has already been reached with “Moscow” Cinema according to which after the August premiere “Lazy Huri” will be shown during the regular sessions as a cash movie.

10424346_724653400955043_1081329361902307943_n1-300x200“I think that the society will be interested in this cartoon for a long time. It is dynamic, funny and very colourful. If the film is translated, it can be presented to the foreign public. I have chosen the musical genre as the music, vocal compositions can also be use out of the cartoon. And the characters are, in my opinion, successful and attractive. I have chosen everything on myself, though a whole film making team is working the final decision on all the matters has been mine. So it is only me who is responsible for everything. Whether the audience will like or will not like the cartoon, I will be in charge,” noted Arthur ready to all the reactions to the cartoon.

“Lazy Huri” resulted in the establishment of the “Artmult +” studio, the first production of which is that animated film.

Recalling that way the cartoon has passed from the very beginning the stage director expresses his gratitude to o those enthusiasts who stood by his side: young, inexperienced painters, actors and singers. The have been involved in such a film project for the first time, but the director believes that a high quality job has been done. “Lazy Huri” is also Arthur’s the first large-scale work, before that he has shot the short animated film “Drunken Chicken” that has won 3 prizes in the fil festival “I am”.

Lazy Huri is embodied by the actress Eka Hostkan, the actress of the mother is Astrid Eksuzyan. Geghayr Khlkhatyan is the film composer, the musical arrangements are made by Gagik Atomyan, the author of the script is Arthur Mikaelyan. The main painters are Gayane Babayan and Igor Patrin. The Bridegroom actor is Armen Gevorgyan. Michael Margaryan has provided the free recording studio. Arthur tries to remember the names of all the supporters, as it would be impossible to realize the cartoon project without them. Individuals and organizations have provided assistance as well: “Tigran the Great” publishing house that has provided printing and advertising support, Ashot Mkhoyan who is the producer and the technical consultant of the cartoon.

The cartoon is a musical shot with the rules of a classical animation. The painters have painted 15, 16 frames for a second. In general 15 thousand pictures have been painted for the cartoon. “Pay attention to each frame. We have done it in such a way that every one of them has the significance of a separate art picture,” said Arthur.

In the cartoon, the text is minimized. It is dominated by the songs the lyrics of which have been written by Arthur Mikaelian, Arusik Simonyan and Hasmik Arakelyan. There are 9 musical compositions in the cartoon, out of which 6 are individual songs.

Tumanyan’s fairy tale has been performed without deviation, only some characters have been added in order to make the actions more dynamic, imaginative and impressive. Lazy Hury is not an ugly, freckled and untidy girl at all. She is a beautiful girl who is just lazy. At the end of the cartoon Huri likes to work. She doesn’t become a hard working girl, but is not sluggish married woman as she was before.

Prepared by Naira Paytyan