download“Hayk” Documentary Film Studio has shot films about the Armenian Genocide since last year. In 2014 two films were shot, and this year four more films are already ready. In addition to the films dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, the film studio also has film projects that touch upon the topic of the Genocide showing the consequences of that tragedy, the particular cases of human destinies. They contain symbolic content and depict the traces of the tragedy ongoing after the Armenian Genocide.

Armen Khachatryan’s film “We Exist 2” tells the story of an Armenian family in Istanbul, the family has been taken from its native village in Western Armenia and resettled in Istanbul. There are not Armenian in their native village any more, it is filled with Kurds. But the film hero cannot forget his homeland, and from time to time he heads to his village from Istanbul. He enters his house, his garden. This is his homeland, the one that is rooted in his heart and soul and is still living.

Armen Khachatryan has shot the film with great difficulties only during a week, he has visited Istanbul, found his hero and together they have headed to his native village, and all that has taken place under the Turkish supervision.

Vrezh Petrosyan’s full-length film is about the missionary Maria Jacobsen. The director started to study the missionary activities carried out in Western Armenia by foreigners long ago. Through Maria Jacobsen’s tracks he reached Lebanon, where even today there is a school for orphans founded by the missionary.

“The Armenian Genocide: Two Genocides” film is one of the film series initiated by the film director Giorgi Gevorkov. The film presents the genocides organized by Sultan Hamid and the Young Turks from 1890 to 1920. The historical reference also includes fresh documentaries and archival documents that have been shot in other countries including Germany.

The next film entitled “Meeting” tells about the meeting of Hasan Djemal, the grandson of one of the butchers of the Armenian people Jemal Pasha, and Armen Gevorgyan, the grandson of the avenger Artashes Gevorgyan. The descendants of the Turkish butcher and the Armeian avenger (who subjected him to a deserved punishment), face the past of their ancestors. The director Hrant Hakobyan has immortalized that meeting for the history.

Hrant Hakobyan has just returned from Turkey where he has shot another film about another Armenian avenger, who fought against the Turks with weapons only 20 years ago. Then he was imprisoned and killed. The director was in Istanbul on April 24 and filmed the protests of the Armenians lining in Turkey against the Turkish government’s denial policy.

Another documentary film’s shooting is in progress. It is about Levon Zekiyan, who has recently been appointed the leader of the Armenian Catholic Church in Istanbul by the Pope. Levon Zekiyan has founded a school in Venice where the foreigners learn the Armenian language, Armenian national songs, dances and arts.

“Hayk” film studio also shots such kind of films the heroes of which are not directly related to the topic of the Armenian Genocide, but at present they are bearing the heavy consequences of the Genocide. For example the film about an Armenian who has survived the Genocide depicts such a story. The hero migrates to Italy where he creates an Armenian community, which 100 years later still retains its identity and transfers our culture and traditions to the new generation.

In these films the documentarians are stressing the continuity of the historical reality of the Armenian Genocide. The pain, the traces and the consequences of the Genocide are always present in all the aspects of the lives of the descendants of the Armenian Genocide survivors.

Each of the films shot by the “Hayk” Film Studio are provided by a state support totaling to 2, 3 million drams. From 12 to 14 films are shot annually.

The film studio also makes joint films for example with Chili and Argentina again about the topic of the Genocide. The cooperation started in 2014 at the Cannes film market. Ruben Gevorgyan, the director of “Hayk” Film Studio notes that such a cooperation provides more tangible results than the films shot only by Armenia. After all, the foreign companies that are interested in their financial investments, pave a way for the joint films to the international market, to prestigious festivals which also brings recognition to the Armenian filmmakers.

Naira Paytyan