1545965_245249805649467_37090949_nAndranik Tonoyan, the director of the full-length feature film “Time”, wondered whether to inform the kinoashkharh.lc website about their initiative. According to him the charity should not be talked about much otherwise it ceases to be a charity. The thing is the authors of the film have allocated all proceeds from the sale of the movie tickets of “Time”, having been shown at “Nairi” cinema since the winter, to the Kharberd Orphanage.

10928189_781013008646116_8370607113997619011_n-200x300“Our filmmaking crew had decided right from the very beginning not to pursue any interest. When I suggested my friends shooting a film together everyone gladly agreed. I informed them that there was no money at all and they were not to be paid. There was no money to buy technique, to hire actors and not even to acquire a shooting area. This was our principle: film with zero dram. It seemed to be a task that we had assigned ourselves, and we wanted to overcome that challenge. It is well known that in our time it is almost impossible to gather a team of supporters who are ready to shoot a full-length film not pursuing any interest. But there are enthusiasts for whom the most important thing is the idea. And we started the activities. The technique was provided by “Tigran the Great” Fund, the shootings were organized at pubs and parks were we were not demanded any money. Thus we shot a film about love and time,” the director Andranik Tonoyan talked about the film making.

“The screenwriter of the film “Time” is Astghik Derdzyan, the film operator and producer is Karen Vardanyan. Someone wants to live and is fighting20150312_174650-300x225 for his life, but the destiny has reserved a short life for him, while another person does not want to live and wants to put an end to his life.  At first glance, the plot is not extraordinary but the authors’ desire is that the film be shown more to generate proceeds. The filmmaking crew has fresh experiences and memories from the Kharberd Orphanage. Having been shown at the Nairi cinema for a few times the film has gained a profit totaling to 90 thousand drams. They have bought food and balloons with that money and have directed to the Kharberd Orphanage without warning about their visit in advance.

The future of the film “Time” is vague. “I wish that it were shown at the cinemas once more so that we would be able to buy presents for the children of Kharberd Orphanage with the money from the sale of the movie tickets and to visit them again. But who can we ask to join the charity and not to take money from us for the cinema hall? We cannot force people, they want to have a profit and benefits. Charity is not accepted in our society,” Andranik Tonoyan concluded.

P.S. Andranik Tonoyan has graduated from the State College of Variety and Jazz Art, then he has entered the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography. Currently he is studying at the faculty of Directing. As an actor he has played in a number of performances and films. Before the film “Time” he has shot the film “Lost Dream” with the director Vahan Khachatryan, Andranik is the second director of that film.

Naira Paytyan