The most chauvinistic comedy of Armenian Cinema: this is the way the director Ara Ernjakyan defines his new film “Jeanne”. The film premiere was held at “Moscow” cinema on 26 February. The film openly talks about the moral character of Armenians, which is higher than that the value system of many European nations.

“The story seems familiar at first sight: 600 years ago Jeanne d’Arc liberated Orléans and then she was burnt. Actully the film is about us, Armenians. This film is a unique promotion. It’s the promotion of the image of an Armenian man. The feminist movements lead to the thing that the Armenian men started to vanish. All this will result to the fact that the Armenian men will disappear like dinosaurs, which is an actual threat. In the film we speak of very serious issues in a non-serious way,” Ara Ernjakyan noted. Then he said half joking, half-serious that the next film will be about Armenian women. Actor Rafael Yeranosyan mentioned that the film had been shot due to the efforts of the actors of Chamber Theatre. “There is a right humor, right characters in the film. The film is shot correctly which will make the audience think. The Armenian man proves that he is a genuine man, a family man.”

The film is about what kind of moral values Europe has and how it has been filled with homosexuals. In contrast to this Armenians remain faithful to their values and moral character. Some current issues of Armenia are also touched upon in the film: the issue of Karabakh, the movement “I am against”, etc. The film stars the actors Ani Grigoryan, Andranik Harutyunyan, Rafael Yeranosyan, Mkhitar Avetisyan, Senik Barseghyan. The film scriptwriter and director is Ara Ernjakyan, the composer is Vahe Grigoryan.