“Roots” to sum up the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide

Armatner-2-1024x540 (1)Art Team and Sharm Holding with the support of the National Cinema Center of Armenia have shot the full-length feature film “Roots” which premiered at Moscow Cinema on 21 April. The film dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide highlights the significant historical events taking place in April 2015 that drew the attention of the world to the fact of the Armenian Genocide that hasn’t been internationally condemned and compensated 100 years on. Vatican declared Gregory of Narek a Doctor of the Universal Church, and several days after that significant occasion the primary events commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide launched in Armenia. This documentary materials have been used in the film “Roots” as epoch-making and historical events stressing the significance of the two important dates for the Armenian nation: 1915 and 2015. Being involved in a feature film the documentary footage has resulted to a combination of a documentary and feature genres. In the future the film will also let Armenian and the foreign viewers be aware of the most significant events commemorating the Centennial and will convey the national mood and atmosphere with which the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was marked.

The film protagonist Aram, who is a Boston-based blogger, pays a visit to Armenia with a special purpose of taking part in that events. He publishes the symbolic footages of the events commemorating the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide in his blog thus drawing his readers’ attention on the Armenian people’s demand of the international condemnation of the Armenian Genocide, the symbolic events of the 24 April and the symbolism of the forget-me-not.


Aram’s family moved to the USA during the dark and cold years of 1990s. The young blogger meets one of his faithful readers, Anet, in Yerevan ahead of 24 April. Anet has also visited Armenia to take part in the concluding events of the 100th Anniversary of the genocide. A love story begins in their fatherland. The young people living in foreign countries are looking for what cannot be expressed in words, what is in the subconscious of an Armenian and make the basis of his genetic code: the roots.

Being far away from the Armenian environment, language and culture they are looking for themselves with appeal of the blood and realize that wherever they live the Armenian identity is in in their blood. That is the appeal of the blood. Eventually everything is calm and in harmony when Aram and Anet, who are guests in Armenia for a short period of time, find themselves and reveal the answer to the primary question: as long as you have the Armenian blood flowing through your veins, you ought to look for your homeland. They find their homeland where their roots are buried.

The film director is Vahé Yan, the scriptwriter is Karine Khodikyan. The film stars Andranik Babayan and Meri Mkrtchyan.The other roles are played by Ishkhan Gharibyan,RoziAvetisyan, Grigor Baghdasaryan, Arman Navasardyan and others. The film has been shot in Scripted Reality genre.

Naira Paytyan


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