Film premiere: “The Puppeteer”

KUKLOVOD-1-300x168A new feature film about Russian immigrants has been shot. Facing the hardships of immigrant life and the obstacles of the integration into foreign society, sportsman, champion of Europe Alex Amirian, who has been living in the USA for 15 years, has written a film script and decided to screen it.

In the recent years the theme of migration has frequently been touched upon by directors. After the Soviet Union collapsed the human caravans took the road of the USA. The people who were searching a good fortune in that country often became victims of the most improbable stories, fraudulences and trafficking. The citizens of the Soviet multinational country reacted to the new changes differently based on their national features, and not being able to earn money legally they were involved in illegal deals and fraudulences. Immigrants formed mafias that began to engage in a struggle with each other. These relations have been of interest to American Armenian Alex Amirian who presents his story in the two-part feature film “The Puppeteer”.

The film shootings have been carried out in the USA and Russia. The film making crew is multinational: Armenians, Russians, Americans and Spaniards. The premiere of “The Puppeteer” produced by Alex Extreme Production was held at Moscow Cinema on 25 March. Currently the first part of the film entitled “The Russian Deal” has been screened. The second part of the film entitled “The Battle of the Shadows” will be presented to the Armenian audience later.

After the premiere the film will continue to be screened in Moscow Cinema for a month. Alex Extreme Production has an agreement with Armaveni Charitable Foundation pursuant to which the revenue from ticket sales will be transferred to the project that deals with the treatment of children with locomotor disabilities.

The director, scriptwriter and the producer of the film “The Puppeteer” is Alex Amirian, who also plays the primary role in the film. The film also stars Rudolf Ghevondyan, Russian actor Konstantin Bromberg and Hollywood actors.

“The Puppeteer” is the first feature film made by Alex Amirian. Since 2006 the director has shot documentary films. In 2006 his film entitled “Winds of Change” took part in The Golden Apricot Film Festival. By 2014 Alex Amirian had shot 3 more documentary films: “Philosophy of Pain”, “The Silence of the Mountains” and “Give me a Family”.

“The Puppeteer” begins with the clashes between American gangsters and the immigrant mafia. Then the protagonist manages to escape from Russia to The USA, the land of dreams for Soviet citizens, where he unwittingly finds himself in turmoil of the mafia.

The director has faced the difficulties of expressing the idea and the message through the film language from the very beginning. As a result of showing the events and the actions mostly through the dialogues the film lacks dynamics and has turned into a semantically unconnected chain of events that depicts the conflicts between the immigrants and the gangsters in an incomplete and confused manner. The development of this story will become clear when the second part of The Puppeteer” is screened. And the first part would remind the audience of a picture showing that the wish of painting is great but the talent and the paint are missing.

Naira Paytyan


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