New Animated Film “Olympicos” by Sahakyants Family

146d41ad-b2d5-4a13-a576-88e5579f6270Robert Sahakyants Production studio will not keep its loyal audience waiting for a long time. The next work of Sahakyants Production is the full-length animated film “Olympicos” which is intended to be completed in 2018.

“If Anahit has been watched by all age groups, our new film will have more audience as the film language will be happier but will not be deprived of deep meaning. This format canee79d95d-c3cf-447c-a951-342421a6bdfd certainly be considered one for a family,” the co-director Hayk Sahakyants has noted during the interview conducted by Kinoashkharh.

“Olympicos” narrates a story about sport adventures of Armenian KingVarazdat.The king from the Arsacid Dynasty became champion in boxing contest in 394 gaining the title of “Olympicos”. The Sahakyants family has decided to present this historical episode in a new interpretation, i.e. in comedy genre.

The idea of “Olympicos”originated still in 2009 when animator Robert Sahakyants was working on an educational film series. When turning to the Greek history he also spoke of King Varazdat who had brilliantly participated in the Olympic Games and had even become a champion. This fact has aroused great interest in the family of animators as it has given something to imagine and create.

However the animated film “Anahit” was the priority of the Studio in 2009. Only after finalizing it the film crew decided to turn to the idea of presenting King Varazdat anew. The greatest difficulty the film making crew faced was working out the plot as there were not enough information both about King Varazdat and the historical period.

The animated film is based on the idea that King Varazdat was a very good athlete who managed to present his nation adequately in the international sport competition.

c597b6af-2742-49a4-bcf7-68b041d87b95The animation is directed by Davit Sahakyants and Hayk Sahakyants. The scriptwriters are Davit Sahakyants, Lyulyla Sahakyants, Hayk Sahakyats and Vardan Zadoyan. The latter is also the dialogue writer. Production designer is Ernest Muradyan, general producer is Ruben Jaghinyan.The production works have been carried out by «SHARM Holding».

Notably Robert Sahakyants’s traditions are successfully preserved by his family. In 2010 Robert Sahakyants Animation Production studio was founded. The Studio implements animated film projects which are competitive abroad.

One of the successful works of the 5-year work of this film making crew is “Anahit”. It has set record in the sphere of the Armenian animated film production with the number of its viewers. While in Box Office it has been watched by more than 80 thousand people.


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